The skin is the largest organ of the dog’s body and as such it can be prone to a multitude of conditions and disorders. This website aims to offer a wide directory of some common and not-so-common skin problems affecting dogs with helpful pictures and guides about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Skin problems in dogs may be caused by allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, parasites, autoimmune diseases, hormonal problems and more. There are hundreds of skin problems in dogs and often a diagnosis cannot be attained by a visual inspection alone, even by the most experienced vets. Skin scrapes and biopsies are therefore often needed for an accurate diagnosis. To provide accuracy, Dog Skin Problems will often reference vets and reputable canine dermatology sources that bring readers to outbound links for those who wish to verify the sources or go in further depth on the subject.

Since there are so many skin conditions in dogs, this website is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool but rather aims to educating owners about several different skin conditions that can affect dogs. Only your vet through your dog’s medical history and testing can ultimately provide your dog with an accurate diagnosis and treatment. If after repeated vet visits you are still dealing with a skin disorder, it may be time for a second opinion, or better, a consultation with a board-certified veterinary dermatologist. Please note that products displayed on these pages are not meant to be perceived as recommendations. Only your vet can recommend the most appropriate products for your dog’s specific skin condition. By reading our articles in our database, you accept these disclaimers and agree to not hold us liable for any problems derived by the use or misuse of the information displayed on this website. If your dog has a skin problem,please have your dog see the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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